What can I say that I haven’t said all these years?  Minnesota loves her Beloved Booth Brothers!  This year it was expressed in a record-breaking attendance of 1,016 tickets sold!  Celebration Church was almost full!  And we sure enough had a celebration, as you will see by the photos here!

“I just loved it!” — Linda 

“BLESS YOU, BLESS YOU, BLESS YOU for continuing to bring those dear men, The Booth Brothers, to our area!  Oh wow, was Saturday night ever a huge blessing again this spring.  The combination of humor, amazing song choices . . . and even the, “sermonet” by [Michael] . . . caused many to listen and get what the Bible is talking about for our admonition.” — Dale


“So appreciate all your hard and time-consuming work!! Blessings to you!!  Enjoyed the Booth Brothers, and husband has been re-playing, ‘Jesus Saves,’ over and over and said he’d drive 200 miles just to hear that again!” — Becky

“Still on Cloud 9 after The Booth Brothers concert!! Love these guys; their heart, their music & their ministry. Glad to call them my friends!!” — Naomi

The comments are the same year after year.  I don’t know of another Southern Gospel artist that could actually increase attendance every year!  But these guys do it!  They love Jesus, and it shows.  They love the people, and it shows.  They love the truth, and it shows!

One of our volunteers told me that one couple from North Dakota (!) said they were, “blessed and encouraged,” and were, “very impressed by the music and the wonderful message.”  She also saw a father with young kids who said that, The Booth Brothers are his kids’ favorite group! There are lots of young people who love The Booth Brothers!  That’s not the first family I’ve heard of with that testimony!

As I went through all the photos (from our wonderful photographer, Lisa — thank you so much, girlfriend!  I hardly ever see photos of these guys that capture the essence of the concert like yours!), it was hard to choose which ones to share with you.  We had a LOT of fun!  If you missed it, I’m so sorry!  But keep your eyes peeled for news of next year’s concert which will, for the first time ever in my knowledge, be on a Friday night!

Until then, you can continue to bask in the memory with some of these pics.

Michael, Ronnie, Paul — THANK YOU, again, from all your friends in, “The Great North!”

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