Bio: Ivan Parker’s signature song, “Midnight Cry,” is reminiscent of the day he came to know Christ as Savior: An evangelist preached a fiery sermon on the rapture of the church and heaven. “I remember that night well,” he said. “I was sitting on the back row with all my friends. When the invitation was given, I couldn’t get to the altar fast enough. My mom and dad had always told me that whenever it came to salvation, I couldn’t get to heaven on their experience – I had to have my own.”

Another piece of music for which he is well-known, “I Choose,” is a message of hope and encouragement, and crosses all boundaries. “The choice we have to follow God in the good times and the bad is easy once we make the decision to simply choose God,” Ivan says.

Ivan has known some ups and downs, as have we all, but he has consistently clung to his favorite passage of Scripture, Psalm 23. “I believe God does His greatest works in us when we are in the valley. It is there that we are more open to what He has in store for us.”


Ivan’s ministry has been very important in helping me with my daughters death. She was brought up with Ivan music and loved him dearly. His music also touched a lady I helped take care of in her final days. Touched her so much that the last thing anyone understood from her was she wanted to hear Ivan. And my friend Heather’s brother was saved listening to Ivan’s music and was given his send-off to Heaven with Ivans music playing!Betty, North Carolina

You will enjoy hearing Ivan Sing!!!!! He is awesome and number one in my book!!!!Jan, Tennessee

Ivan’s music, his testimonies, the things that he does all point to the fine Christian that he is, going about doing God’s work. He is truly an inspiration.Marjorie

Ivan is my favorite singer. I love his voice, but most of all the spirit and anointing behind it.Catherine, Georgia

Ivan’s ministry is worth supporting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has truly blessed each and every one, everywhere he goes!!!!!!!!!!!!!Deborah, Alabama


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