“We’ve gone to see Guy Penrod for the last two years and it was spectacular both times!  Absolutely love the man and his music!  Thank you for bringing him here.  I hope he comes back again.”
— Kim

Comments are still coming in from our second Guy Penrod concert and the consensus is: “It was great!  Can we please do it again?Guy (4) - web large, cropped


Attending a Guy Penrod concert is a bit like sitting in your living room and listening to a friend share his heart about what God is doing in his life — and what He can do in yours.  Guy just kind of weaves his songs together with anecdotes, personal experiences and exhortations.  Yet you never feel chastised.  Instead, you feel challenged and encouraged to be all God wants you to be. Where your heart is sore from aching, there is a balm.


You are reminded that yes, your family values are true north and you should hang onto them and keep your eye on that ball.

You are encouraged to, “Pray About Everything,” because, as Guy says, “If He knows the number of hairs on your head, and which ones they are, don’t you think He cares about those things that move you and trouble you and that concern you?  So give it to God in prayer.”


You get to peek  inside Guy’s family a wee bit, and you can see that he surely loves his children and his lovely wife, Angie.

GuyPenrod-19  web large, croppedYou can tell that this man has his finger on the pulse of much that is troubling our nation, as well as our families.  But he knows where to find the answer to those problems:  In the Word of God.

And all of this, and more, is wrapped up in such a spirit of worship that you hope it never comes to an end.  Unfortunately, it always does.


Some other comments from this year’s concert:

To Guy, Lynn wrote, “Just wanted to let you know that I saw your concert last year and brought a friend this year and we both enjoyed it so much.  This year was even better than last
ar! We hope to see you back here again soon.  We especially enjoyed the personal conversations during the last half of the concert.  May our Lord continue to bless you and use you in this way.  You are such an inspiration to others.”

Mavis said, “Thank you for coming to Minnesota.  What a joyful concert — relaxed,GuyPenrod-53 - croppe humble, charming, chatting with the audience, and singing beautifully.”


Kristen wrote to us and said, “Totally blessed!  Thank you for putting on that concert yesterday.  The ministry was very impacting to me . . . the combination of church yesterday (it’s amazing how God works) combined with the concert was what I needed. Know it was greatly used by God.  Thank you so much!”

Oh!  Always we want these concerts to be used by God, and I know that is the heart of the artists we are bringing up here, as well!  Praise the Lord!

We can assure you that we will keep in touch with Guy and his team and, if the Lord tarries and allows us the privilege, we will have him back!

Thank you, Guy, for another Sunday afternoon full of blessings!

Up here in Minnesota, we think you’re very special and we appreciate your work for our Lord.

Looking forward to the next time!


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