True confessions . . . there’s been so much going on — Michael English and the Nelons in town; Christmas concerts to tell you about; encouraging you to give Booth Brothers tickets for Christmas; (not to mention a cruise I took with The Booth Brothers, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Legacy Five and others in mid-November) — that I just haven’t had any time to tell you all about our wonderful Guy Penrod concert at the end of October.  But it was wonderful, so let me tell you about it now!

Better yet, let some of those who came tell you in their own words . . .

I was was awesome. — Bette

What an amazing night of worship at the Guy Penrod concert last night in Lakeville, MN! You really do feel like you’re in your living room at his concerts! We were in Heaven as we sang along with his mostly hymn-filled concert. Count your Blessings, Nothing but the Blood, Oh Victory in Jesus, He Hideth my Soul… the list went on !! His band was fantastic and we enjoyed the pianist — Michael W. Smith’s son- Tyler.  — Amanda and Korissa 

An evening of encouragement & worship with Guy Penrod last evening . . . –Mary Lynn

It was a wonderful evening of worship and singing praises to the Lord! the Lord has truly gifted Guy in an amazing way. — Shari

Guy’s concert was a worship service for me more than a concert.  My cousin and I are grieving for the sudden, tragic deaths of two dear cousins in Iowa, and we both needed the worship time that Guy provided.  Two precious hymns were sung at [my cousin’s] funeral on Wednesday, and Guy’s worship time took me back to that service.  — Ramona

My (Heidi’s) prayer, personally, is that God will work in the life of each person who comes to a concert hosted by Music for the Master.  Every single person that comes has something significant going on in their life and there is a way for the Lord to speak to them about it through the ministers we bring in.  Guy, of course, was no exception.

He spoke poignantly about a life dedicated to Jesus, about parenting — and grandparenting — about marriage, and life’s hardships  — about reaching out to those around us with kindness, a helping hand and the gospel.  He engaged the audience directly, as you can see from our photos, and folks loved it!  It becomes personal, then.  In fact, as Korissa and Amanda said above, Guy said he wanted us to all feel like we were sitting in the living room chatting.  And it did have that feel about it!

Thank you, Guy and crew, for a wonderful evening of music and message.  Thank you for making it fun, entertaining, and most of all, for getting real and challenging us in our walk with Jesus Christ. That’s what it’s really all about.  These concerts aren’t just music — they’re ministry!

We at Music for the Master wish all of you loyal Southern Gospel fans a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of our Savior without Whom . . . life wouldn’t be worth living.  But, because He lives — we have hope for tomorrow and a wonderful eternity to look forward to!

Merry Christmas!

We’ll do our part, as God allows, to help you have a Happy New Year.  Stay tuned!  And enjoy these photos!













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