The words talented, accomplished and hardworking all accurately describe the Booth Brothers, but there’s one word that really hits the nail onBB-8 the head – genuine.  All of the guys are forthright in expressing a love for music, gratitude for their fans and their calling to share the gospel.  Michael explains, “The longer we do this, the more we realize how it impacts people and how God uses it.  It’s a great honor that God would use us like that, to basically love on somebody – it’s very motivating.”

Throughout the years, the group has collected an astonishing number of accolades and awards.  But these guys don’t let the awards go to their heads.  Michael says, “I think if there’s one thing you can say about the awards and all that stuff, I hope it would be that people are just saying, ‘Thank you for loving us.’”


Ronnie agrees, “The Lord doesn’t give an artist an audience to feed his ego. The audience was given to us to serve.  Jesus said, ‘In this world, you will have trouble,’ so you’re singing to people who are going through stuff . . . so love on them – serve the Lord by serving those people, and all these other things fall right into place.”


Music for the Master strives to bring artists to Minnesota who believe their music is a ministry to people, and the Booth Brothers easily slide into that category.  And people never get enough of them.  Every year they come and every year the people make sure we know they want the guys back!


The Booth Brothers not only have a heart for ministry, but a love and talent for music, and that also comes out clearly in their evening with us.  If you’ve never heard the Booth Brothers before, you’re in for a treat.  If you have, then you’ll know exactly why you’ll want to get your tickets early to see these talented and dedicated men!


Our Venue

 Celebration Church in Lakeville, Minnesota, was made for events like this!  It was founded in 1996 by well-known evangelical pastor and musician Lowell Lundstrom.  Under his leadership Celebration Church hosted an annual, “Country Christmas,” show for many years, which actually became a popular seasonal destination for tourists from around the country.  We’ve used this facility a number of times, now, and it fills up real well!


Important Concert Details

Date:  Friday, April 13

Time:  7 p.m.



Artist’s Circle (up front, close to the artist):  $30

Reserved Seating:  $25

Groups of 10+:  $20

At-the-door:  $30


Tickets are available online (choose your own seat!) or call 651-638-6333 to order by phone.


Our Hotel Block

Baymont Inn & Suites

17145 Kenyon Ave.

Lakeville, MN

Call for reservations:  952-892-5422

Price:  $70/night + tax

Ask for:  The Booth Brothers Room Block

This hotel is pretty much across the parking lot from the state’s one-and-only Cracker Barrel and within a brisk walk of the church.


Print and share our concert flyer

Help us get the word out about our 2018 Booth Brothers concert!  You are the real driving force behind the folks who come to our concerts!  You can help us by downloading the concert flyer we’ve provided, printing it, and handing it out.  Or download it and email it to friends and relatives!  Download the Booth Brothers 2018 flyer HERE!  Let’s make this the biggest Booth Brothers concert ever by pulling in all of our friends who have EVER been to see the guys in Minnesota!


Featured Video

Seeing is believing.  If you once SEE The Booth Brothers in action, you’ll never want to miss them.  True, in-person is much better than video, but at least this little taste will whet your appetite for the real thing come April!