Dear Michael, Ronnie and Jim,


You brought the house down again!  No surprise, it just makes me smile.  Comments like these have been coming our way:
“Wow!  The Booth Brothers’ Christ-focused concert was fantastic, wonderful, awesome and so much more.  It was a mountaintop experience and truly enjoyable . . . hard to transition into the routine of a regular day!”


“It was good music and ministry that pointed people to Christ!”

“Still smiling from Saturday . . . Thank you for the wonderful concert.”
“Just a note to thank you for the Booth Bos coming last night.  it was a blessing to our hearts.”


I had many people walk up to me on Saturday night to say thank you for hosting the concert, but two of them had tears in their eyes.  One of those said that this concert came at a strategic time in her life.  I could help but hug them both


That is what we pray for!  You’re so right, Michael, we don’t want, “just a ‘sangin.'”  We want an event where Christian hearts are stirred, where individuals can be edified, encouraged and exhorted, and where someone who doesn’t know Jesus can hear about His love for them and their need of His saving grace. That is what we want a Music for the Master concert to be. And you three always deliver!


Ronnie, thank you for sharing your dad’s story — a story he wasn’t afraid to get up and tell when he traveled with you and Michael.  How many hearts must you minister to with that story over the months as you travel from coast to coast and beyond?  To get the message across that even if someone finds themselves in a similar position to your dad’s, they don’t have to stay there, and that there is redemption in Jesus Christ for keeps!  What a tremendous encouragement!


Jim, you have a wonderful talent for writing poignant words and music that envelop a person’s heart and mind!  Wow.  Your songs comfort, encourage, challenge, convict.  And through it all you have such a sweet spirit.  


Michael, I think we all agree we so appreciate your challenges from the Word.  They’re priceless (no, not free; beyond estimation!) and an integral part of an evening with the Booth Brothers!  
And all of you . . . the laughter!  We love to laugh and you make it happen.


As our radio ad said, There’s a reason these guys have won the award for best live performer of the year seven times!”


Thank you so much for coming all the way up to Minnesota in Winter to minister to us. You helped dissipate the cabin fever for 978 of us, and we really, really appreciated it!





And . . . didn’t we all agree we wanna try and do this again next year?  Let’s see what we can do about that in the days ahead.
In the meantime, may God richly bless you, your ministry, and your families.  Thank you for following our Father’s direction in your lives.  Thousands are amazingly blessed because you do.




A big bunch of folk in cold and snowy Minnesota


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