I want to “literally” share a word with you.  I often do this within my own mind and it helps me to stay at peace and to keep positive.  So here’s a word for you:
How many times in a day do you see a door? I’m sure the answer is so many times you can’t count them.  Next time you see a door, think: I’m only walking through this doorway because that door is open. 
You and I are able to walk into some amazing opportunities because of the doors that have already been opened for us.  Take a moment and thank the Father for opportunities you have been afforded in your life. It’s probably safe to say that most doors were cracked opened for you by someone else. So say a prayer for all those who came before you. And then, say a prayer for those who do not yet have an open door because of their lot in life. Ask the Father how you might be a “door opener” for someone else.  Then lastly, thank the Father for opening the biggest door of all: the door to heaven through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, His Son. Thank Him for putting up an “Everyone Is Welcome” sign above that door!  Get up off your knees and find ways to point people to that door of hope. Jesus is the door!
And one last thing to remember: we still live in a broken world.  All the doors don’t work here.  So when a door slams shut in your face, try your best to shake it off and look for another door that God may be opening for you…maybe one where there is something more for you. He knows when we need to try another path.  I believe He is already opening that door for you and me right now.
Stay Happy and stay in Faith, my friends!
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