Describe the Tribute Quartet concert using only one sentence.

Do I have to?  Just one?

Okay, okay . . . Um . . . it was . . . The Booth Brothers meet Tim Hawkins and Mark Lowry!

Now, let me explain that using additional sentences.

They love Jesus and ministered passionately from the Word.  They have exceptional voices and sang powerful songs that ministered to the people.  They are hilariously funny.  I’ve said for years that Josh is the Michael Booth of the group — but honestly?  There’s three of them!  Anthony, Riley and Josh did an amazing comedy routine — through the product pitch!  I was bowled over I was laughing so hard!  Tears in my eyes!  And not to leave Gary out, he plays the straight man of the group, trying to keep ’em all in line.

All of the guys are so kind and so sincere and so genuine . . . and they all have a single mission that is evident almost immediately — to encourage, exhort and edify believers and share the gospel with the lost.  Just the right amount of humor; just the right amount of passion.  I’m shaking my head in wonder!

And after the concert, Gary said many folks came up to him and said, “The next time youcome I’m bringing friends!”  Way to think positively MFTM folks!  . . . We DO want to do it again, don’t we?

You know I wish you all could have been there (although then we would have been pressed just a mite for room . . . ).  But now we have a good chunk of ambassadors to go out and tell you who couldn’t be there what I tried so hard to get across before the guys came!  Here are the words of one lady who attended — the day after the concert:

This email is being written while still on a “spiritual high” after attending the Tribute Concert!  This God-glorifying, Jesus-focused concert far exceeded my expectations and encouraged me beyond words.

Thank you, Heidi, and volunteers, for your labor of love arranging Tribute Quartet’s visit to MN.  I sincerely hope they return to Minnesota so additional lovers of Southern Gospel music can experience the many special blessings I, and other attendees, experienced Saturday evening.



I snap pics at concerts a lot, but there is just no way to adequately share an experience from snapshots.  Still, I plan to try, because our photographer has captured some amazing photos of the evening (thank you, again, Lisa!!), and I hope you’re able to grasp a little of the fun and ministry of the evening.

Guys — I told Gary  — my first wish is for Jesus to come get us.  But if He tarries, I believe we have a consensus on our board that we’ll do it again!  Thank you so much for sharing the ministry God has given you with all of us who were there.  What a tremendous blessing you were to us!