“It was a great concert!” – Marilyn

“Music to be blessed by.” – Darwin

“It was a great night of ministry in word and songs.” – Ginny

“Blessed to be there.” – Karen

“So fun!” – Kim


“Was such a great night! Glad to be apart of it!!  . . . I love Sweetwater Revival but it was my first time hearing Masters Voice and they were amazing! Your final songs together were so amazing as well!”  — Katie

“A great night of God glorifying music (and humor)!”  – Daniel

“Just got home from your concert tonight. Wonderful and so needed for my spiritual growth.” – Mary (on Sweetwater Revival’s Facebook page)


“Just have to tell you again how much I enjoyed your singing (and your antics) this weekend!!!” – Sharon  (on Master’s Voice’s Facebook page).

“I’d like to hear the ladies again!” – Patti

“Give Heidi a message: Tell her I want the men back again . . .soon!” – Sandy



So, to sum it up, the Thursday, April 24th concert with Sweetwater Revival and Master’s Voice was great, blessed, fun, amazing, God-glorifying, wonderful, and

edifying.  And that just begins to describe it!  Those who were there give only rave reviews and say they were sorry to see the concert end.

The gospel was given out – twice(!).  Both groups shared stories of God’s faithfulness in the midst of personal heartache and tragedy.  We wept a tear, we clapped and tapped our feet . . . oh how I wish more of you could have been there!


Pictures don’t quite do justice to the experience (though we have a phenomenal photographer  — two actually, counting our faithful Lisa sitting in the audience! — who captured some amazing moments!), because you can’t hear the music, the words to the music, the stories and exhortation.  Nonetheless, here are a number of photos that capture part of the ambiance of the evening.


There were many who were hearing one or the other or both groups for the first time – and they’re ready for more!  Both Sweetwater Revival and Master’s Voice have brand new CDs out just within the last month.  Since I can’t share the music we heard that night, I will at least tell you where you can get it!


Sweetwater Revival’s new CD, “Heirlooms,” is available at the “Official Store” on their Web site (complete with audio clip previews!). Founder Katie Paull says of it, “We’ve been asked to do a hymn album for quite sometime now. This is a beautiful collection of old hymns that we love and some new original songs I know will grab people — they did me! We feel confident that this project will be an uplifting collection any Sweetwater Revival fan will love.”


You can go to the Web site of Master’s Voice and get a free download of one of the twelve amazing songs off their newest project, “Ordinary Sunday” (when I say, “new,” I’m talking they had it shipped to them while they were in Minnesota!).  I contacted Ricky and he said he was anticipating that their new album, “Rescued From Religion,” would be available on the Web site by the end of this week.  Please trust me when I tell you, you do not want to miss owning this CD either.  Wow!


The party’s over (sniff) . . . for now.  But you can hear some of what we heard by purchasing these CDs, and you can sit back, now, and see a little bit of what we saw — even some fun moments after the concert — right here!



















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