The Farmer Waits

by Ernie Haase

As I travel each day I pass a farmer’s house.  I blow my horn and smile and wave.  He always waves back. Sitting under a shade tree, relaxing, he always has time for a friendly wave.  It seems to me that he is watching his garden.  Why wouldn’t he?  In weeks prior, he has worked so hard.  He has tilled the soil and planted the seed.  His energy and resources have been put to use once more.  He is invested, to say the least.

But he waits.  He waits on the land to do what he cannot do.  He waits on the seed to bring forth what he cannot produce.  He waits on the rain and sun to nourish those seedlings. Ah, calmly he waits.

The old farmer knows this universal truth: “You can’t hurry the harvest!”

Only God knows how the crops will turn out this year for the old farmer.  The farmer has seen both good and not so good crops over the years.  But still he plants, trusting the land to yield its gift once more.  Yes, he waits for when the picking is good.

You know, we could learn a lot from that old farmer.  We, too, plant our seeds of faith in prayer and ask the Lord of the Harvest for many things: a touch of healing for a friend, a blessing for our business, a new opportunity – whatever the case may be.  But unlike the old farmer, we want the answer NOW.  But as the farmer knows and shows us all, you just can’t hurry the harvest.  It doesn’t work that way.

We are in God’s garden of grace.  He cares deeply about how we grow.  He is invested. He shed His own blood, gave His own life for you and for me so that we could grow into His likeness.  He knows how long we need to be in the ground.  All of our dreams and hopes need the nourishment of troubles, trails and hardships.  Growth never comes easy. He longs for mature children that can stand the storms of life because they are fully rooted in Him.

Remember, you cannot hurry the harvest.  God is not concerned with time like we are. However, He is very concerned about timing.  Relax and trust the Master.  Wait on Him. Renew your strength.  Harvest will come and it will be “Mmm, Mmm Good!

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